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$18,250,000 Settlement in Trucking Case

Dino Colombo and the team at Colombo Law recently settled a trucking case from a collision out of the Clarksburg, WV area for $18.25 million.  Dino and the Colombo Law team were honored to represent a lady from Clarksburg who was terribly injured when a truck registered as a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) blew through a stop light at the intersection of U.S. Route 50 West and Old Bridgeport Hill Road in Harrison County, WV.  The case was filed in Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia. 

The truck was registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and was owned and operated by a natural gas company from Pennsylvania.  The natural gas company put profit over safety and hired a driver who had been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol twice (2 DUIs), had his license suspended, was a fugitive from justice and had a warrant out for his arrest.  This is the person that the Natural Gas Company hired to drive their truck!

The gas company was found by the trial court to have fraudulently concealed a joint venture business relationship which they had with another out of state company and was found to have destroyed the Driver Qualification file for the driver who was operating their truck in violation of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. 

The victim of this truck accident suffered a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), a fractured femur, a T4 Chance Fracture requiring spinal fusion, had vascular injuries requiring an embolectomy and fasciotomies and had multiple other orthopedic injuries.  The client spent considerable time in a rehabilitation hospital as well as a nursing home.  She currently needs continuous care as a result of her TBI.   

Colombo Law hired a team of experts to investigate and reconstruct this collision.  Experts in the field of engineering who specialize in accident reconstruction, experts in the field of trucking, operation of CMVs and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) as well as experts in the field of rehabilitation medicine, life care planning, and forensic economics were hired to assist in the prosecution of this case. 

When the gas companies and their insurance companies realized they had nowhere to hide, they finally had no choice but to pay this poor lady and her family what they truly deserved as a result of the terrible acts of negligent and reckless conduct. 

$1,700,000 Settlement for Tractor Trailer accident

A 19 year old man was killed in a tractor trailer on Interstate 79 near Morgantown, WV. The case settled for $1,700,000. 

$21,500,000 Settlement For Burn Victim

A $21,500,000 settlement was reached. Details about the nature of the case and parties involved in this litigation are subject to a confidentiality agreement. 

$7,500,000 Settlement for Man Injured by Home Health Agency

The lawyers at Colombo Law obtained a $7,500,000.00 settlement for a man who was severely injured while being cared for by a home health agency. The client who had a preexisting brain injury, was being cared for by employees of a home health agency. While those employees were caring for him he fell and sustained a spinal cord injury resulting in quadriparesis. 

$5,700,000 Settlement Against a Natural Gas Service Company

Colombo Law obtains $5,700,000.00 settlement against a Natural Gas Service Company whose employee was tragically killed in truck accident. The Fracking Company had violated multiple regulations and had employees change their log books to cover up their illegal conduct. 

$4,750,000 Settlement in Distracted Driver Case

Case involved a commercial truck whose driver was distracted because he was using his cellular phone to access the internet at the same time he was operating his vehicle. Because the driver was distracted he rear-ended an elderly couple from the Gallipolis, Ohio area. Unfortunately, the husband was paralyzed and ultimately died and his wife of nearly 50 years was injured. Dino Colombo and Travis Mohler represented the family. Through hard work, Mr. Colombo and Mr. Mohler were able to download data from the truck driver’s Garmin GPS and when it was compared to the truck driver’s cell phone records it was apparent that he was using his cell phone at the very moment the accident occurred. The company that employed the truck driver was also negligent for failing to adequately enforce their distracted driving policies. While the company had a written policy prohibiting its employees from texting and driving, the company was aware that its employees were routinely using their cell phones at the same time they were driving their trucks. As a result of this knowledge and their failure to enforce their own policies the company faced significant liability exposure. The case was settled for $4,750,000.

$3,000,000 Settlement in Natural Gas Well Site Explosion - Burn Victim

Colombo Law recently settled a natural gas explosion case where a man in Weston, Lewis County, West Virginia was severely burned in a natural gas explosion and fire. The client suffered burns internally to his lungs which caused significant breathing problems. He also burned his hands, face, and back which required skin grafting. The gentleman was treated at United Hospital Center in Bridgeport, Harrison County, WV as well as the West Penn Burn Center in Pittsburgh. He worked for a natural gas service company and has sustained permanent injuries from these burns. The case was settled for $3,000,000. Because the terms of the settlement are confidential no further information is permitted to be released. 

$3,000,000 Settlement in Wrongful Death Case Involving Intoxicated Driver

49 year old woman on her way to work when an intoxicated driver crossed the center line and killed her. The driver was intoxicated on various drugs. Claim pursued against intoxicated driver and drug rehabilitation clinic. The case was settled for $3,000,000. 

$2,750,000 Settlement in Work Related Death Case

A $2.75 million settlement was reached by the attorneys of Colombo Law on behalf of the family of a 46 year old man who was killed while working in a local industrial plant. The plant had knowledge of a malfunctioning piece of equipment for several months prior to the accident and was aware that this piece of equipment could cause serious injury or death if an employee was struck by the equipment. 

$1,400,000 Settlement in Tractor Trailer Accident

Colombo Law obtained a $1.4 million settlement against a major tractor trailer company in an accident that claimed the life of an elderly woman and injured her husband. 

$825,000 Settlement for Family Involved in Automobile Accident

An $825,000 settlement was reached by the attorneys of Colombo Law on behalf of four members of a family who were involved in an automobile accident in Harrison County, West Virginia. The driver of a pick-up truck negligently pulled in front of this family who were on their way to a family outing in Ohio. The father, mother, son, and grandfather were all injured.

$800,000 Settlement in Motorcycle Accident

The motorcycle rider was t-boned by a pick-up truck who negligently ran through a stop light. The motorcyclist’s leg was severely injured. The case settled for $800,000.

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