Do you have a case?

Do I need a lawyer?

You've been hurt in an accident. You're worried about your injuries and about money. Now what do you do? Who's going to pay your medical bills or lost wages? What are your options?

You could:

1. Handle the headaches with the insurance company alone, putting yourself at a major disadvantage.


2. Get advice from our experienced lawyers who know how the system works, who'll handle everything for you, and won't let the insurance company take advantage of you or deny you what's rightfully yours.

What Insurance Companies Don't Tell You

1. The other party's insurance will typically make you an offer—but do not be fooled—they are trying to get off as cheaply as possible. How do you know if it's a good offer or not? They are counting on your inexperience and will use it against you to get you to agree to take less than you deserve.

2. Insurance companies have many lawyers focused only on accident claims. It's an army of many against just you.

3. It's in the insurance company's best interest to keep you waiting for your money. How long are you willing to wait? Are you willing to settle for less than what you deserve?

4. If you take a settlement from the insurance company, they don't owe you another cent. What if your injury flares up again? Have you really looked at all the costs that are involved in the long run?

5. An insurance company gets thousands of accident reports daily. Don't be fooled, to them you are not a person but a claim number. Are you willing to accept a settlement offer from people who aren't looking out for your best interest?

6. The insurance company may ask to tape record your conversations "for accuracy purposes" when speaking with you. Never let anybody tape record you—they can use the recording against you.

How We Can Help

When you hire Colombo Law, you get attorneys dedicated solely to representing people just like you, hurt in all types of accidents. We're here to guide you through the process and take your side. With our lawyers on your side, you'll have:

  • A dedicated legal team that handles all the paperwork and hassles of your case.
  • Decades of experience and legal know-how in your corner, fighting for you.
  • Attorneys and legal staff who deal with the insurance company, so you don't have to.
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