View Ralph


It amazed me that Dino would take on a company that size, but he did. He took care of it. He got the insurance company to reimburse me for all of my damages and time lost. I can't say enough good things about him.

View Latricia


Dino had the ability to not only go out for what was owed to us, but also to get what we deserved. It made a difference that he was willing to go the extra mile to provide relief for us.

View Joe & Roseanne

Joe & Roseanne

You can't negotiate with an insurance company. You have to have something more - that is when Dino came in. Thank god for Dino. He was just marvelous. He cared so much. I don't know what we would have done without him.

View Sabrina


I wouldn’t have known which way to turn or what to do but there was no worried, Dino took care of it.

View Mike


He’s not like any other lawyer, he’s a grade above.

View Steve


After we made contact with Dino and he saw what we were going through, he took charge and there was never any question about it.

View Mike.


I would recommend Dino in a heartbeat, basically because the person we got to know and more than anything, the experience he has. He knows what he is doing.

View John


The first meeting I had with him, he told me that there would be no money due until the case is settled. That takes a huge burden off your back. He’s the guy that you always want on your side, you don’t ever want to be on the other side of him.

View Kim


From the very beginning this has never been about the money, this has been about the product and what it did to my child. And Dino was determined to see that that product never hurt anyone else.

View Rebecca


We had contacted Dino because we knew that there was wrongdoing in the company. Something needed to be done not just for our family, but to help prevent it.

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